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The first mental health app that's actually fun to use.

Shmoody helps users improve their mood in the short term, and grow in the long term.

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Key Features

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Our gamified Mood Boosters range from helping users take a day off work, to writing a gratitude list, to getting ice cream delivered. Users will gain points for taking actions and be able to rate how much (or little) an activity increased their mood.

Action Plans

Magically generated to-do lists based on the mood you're in.

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We are all social creatures. When we're feeling down, it can be hard to ask others for help. The Shmoody community provides a refuge for users to relate to others who are going through a similar experience.


Social interaction to provide accountability and support.

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People love challenges. It's a fact of being human. Our personal development challenges are released on a weekly basis and employ game mechanics to keep users engaged and excited to be working on themselves.

Weekly Challenges

Curated wellness challenges to facilitate long term growth.

Our Fun, Not-Too-Serious Tone

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App Store Reviews

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"I was recommended to use this app when I struggled with mental health in 2020! In 2016 I had issues with depression and anxiety. I worked with a therapist that used cognitive behavorial therarpy. This app reminds me of that technique and it does wonders. Couldn't be happier :) "

Dec 28 2020
2020 Lifesaver