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The first mental health app that's actually fun to use.

Shmoody helps users feel better on tough days, and build positive habits over time.

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Our Key Features

Shmoody is like a pocket toolkit for your mental health. Whether you work with a therapist or prefer a self-guided experience, we're like the friend who is always there - to vent to, to provide actionable suggestions, and sometimes - to make you laugh.

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Action plans are designed to help you take positive real-world actions. We've helped people take over 150,000 positive actions with Shmoody. And the best part? Shmoody users report feeling a 38% mood improvement when completing an action plan.

Action Plans

Magically generated to-do lists based on the mood you're in.

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We are all social creatures. When we're feeling down, it can be hard to ask others for help. The Shmoody community provides a refuge for users to relate to others who are going through a similar experience.


Social interaction to provide accountability and support.

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People love challenges. It's a fact of being human. Our personal development challenges not only help build positive habits but also are full of jokes guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Who ever said personal development shouldn't be fun?!


Curated wellness challenges to facilitate long term growth.


make it

 Well, we're glad you asked. And it may seem obvious - to us it is at least - but for some reason the trend so far is that most mental health apps feel like a doctor's office waiting room. Which, makes sense, because they all tout being designed by doctors. And while having solutions based on science is important (Shmoody's tools are science-backed) , we think that the experience of working on our mental health can and more importantly, should, be fun. How else will we stick with it long-term?

Our fun and playful tone.

We geek out on design and user experience. Sometimes that means showering you in confetti, sometimes that means cute avatars, and sometimes that might be an edgy joke.

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Join over 100K others using Shmoody

Thousands of people join our community every week to begin their journey of bettering themselves while supporting one another, and helping keep each other accountable.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Real people getting real benefit.

We are having a positive impact on people's lives when they are having some of their toughest days.

2020 Lifesaver

"In 2016 I had issues with depression and anxiety. I worked with a therapist that used cognitive behavioral therapy. This app reminds me of that and it does wonders. Couldn't be happier :)"

Beautifully simple

“I love the simplicity and calm, gentle feel of the whole app experience—thanks!”

Great tool for when I feel off

"I really enjoy the random suggestion feature and the guided meditation. This app plus a little bit of willingness goes a long way to help change my mood. Thank you!!"

Simple yet effective

"Simple yet effective tool to help get you out of that funk!"

Dope app

 "5 stars."