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Let's build your joy list!

Good news, Shmoody fam. Today The O.K. Times is more than just O.K. — we’re joyful, because last week we launched the first version of our new feature, Joy Time!

Use emojis to build a list of all the things that make you happy, and put it in your back pocket for a rainy day. Pick from preset hobbies & activities, or add your own to build your very own Joy List.


What brings us joy

We asked the Shmoody team to build their own Joy Lists. Here they are in emoji-form (with English translations). Get inspired, or build your own in the app!

(Traveling, sushi, & sleeping)

(Pickleball, cold plunge, & cooking)

(Baking, reading, & watching movies)

(Spending time with his dog, Maggie Rose!)


How different animals express joy

Alligators have been observed repeatedly sliding down a water slide for fun. Weeee!

A study of lab rats found that they enjoy being tickled... How do we know? Because they giggled.

Elephants greet one another after reuniting by happily flapping their ears (and yelling a lot).

Buffalos like to chase each other and skid across frozen ice. Somebody get these bovine some skates!


The Impact of Laughter

Stimulates organs (in a good way!)

Laughter helps increase oxygen to the heart, lungs and muscles— and lets not forget those released endorphins!

Relieves your stress response

Laughter can cool you down when faced with a stressful situation, even decreasing your heart rate and blood pressure in the process.

Soothes tension

Laughter can stimulate circulation and aid muscle relaxation! This can reduce many of the physical symptoms that come with stress (goodbye, uptight-ness!)

Improves your mood

It’s that simple! Many can improve their overall mood with daily laughter and even see an improvement in their self-esteem.


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