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We’re Leaving Twitter Because It’s The Right Thing To Do Not Because We Want Attention


Today we have a huge announcement. We are leaving Twitter. Shmoody will no longer participate in this social media site that has turned into a flaming dumpster fire. We are a mental health app, and we support people nurturing their well-being in constructive ways, not participating in a divisive machine that makes everyone feel terrible. This announcement has everything to do with us standing up for what’s right and nothing to do with hopping on a “we’re doing the right thing” publicity bandwagon.

Why are we taking a stand against Twitter?

It’s simple: Misinformation. Political polarization. Elon Musk. Election tampering. Hate. These are topics we feel passionately about, not SEO-optimization terms that we’re hoping will drive lots of free traffic to this press release. To paraphrase Gandhi, “we must do the right thing because it’s the right thing, not because it gets the big clicks!”

How exactly are we, Shmoody, taking an epic stand against Twitter and helping the world to heal—aside, of course, from offering a super fun Mental Health App that anyone can download? Great question!

First, we are immediately pausing all of our Twitter ads and suspending our Twitter Ads budget of $215 dollars per year. This move will strike deeply into the financial heart of the Twitter beast. If it means that Mr. Musk has to fund Twitter out of his own pockets, so be it. Our position is clear: Twitter is broken! Let’s get out of here! Downloading our app (Shmoody) and using it instead of Twitter would help literally everyone, but it’s not about us!

Note: We will be running $30,000 worth of Twitter ads for the next 30 days to let everyone know that we will no longer be running Twitter ads, as we feel that it’s important to inspire other companies to also do the right thing. We prefer to lead by example, though not in a way that puts the spotlight on us!

Second, the Shmoody Twitter account will no longer tweet anything, aside from this press release which we will tweet twice daily for the next five months. We know this comes as a crushing blow to every last one of our 109 Twitter followers whose well-being depends on our daily cat memes and brand updates. We’re sorry. So very sorry. We would apologize to each of you individually, but obviously, that’s impossible: there are way too many of you.

Third, we are holding a company-wide “Delete Twitter” ceremony. This is a completely optional ceremony for everyone at Shmoody who wants to keep their job. We will all join together in a big circle, pull out our phones, and chant, “Twitter is bad!” 109 times: once for each follower. Then, simultaneously, we will all open Twitter (one last time!) and Tweet, “Goodbye forever!” Then we will delete all of our personal Twitter accounts, delete the Twitter app, go outside, light our phones on fire, throw our burning phones into a big hole in the ground, cover the hole in dirt and rocks, and build a really nice Zen garden on top of the rocks. Then our chief marketing officer will give everyone new phones because, obviously, we all need phones!

The video of this goodbye ceremony will be filmed and live-streamed on our Twitter account by a third party (not us!). We hope you love the video!

By the way, the purpose of the “Delete Twitter” live stream is not that we want people to compliment us on doing what’s right—though we definitely appreciate any shares! This isn’t a publicity stunt for Shmoody (check us out in the App store. That’s S-h-m-o-o-d-y). Rather, we are making the ceremony video to show the world that you can live without Twitter and life goes on, however painfully. Still, it’s a lot less painful when you realize that you can download Shmoody from literally wherever apps are available. Shmoody has life coaching, 7-day challenges, soothing soundscapes, and NO Twitter! Just look for the fun meditating cat icon.

With lots of love and a lot less Twitter,

The Shmoody Team

p.s. If you would like to download Shmoody, we are currently offering a FREE trial of our amazing mental health app that is very funny and fun to use! But again, this is not about

us! Twitter bad!

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