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Welcome to Shmoody!

The mental health app that's actually fun to use

Hey there, hey! Welcome to Shmoody 🤠. We're the mental health app that's actually fun to use. We built an app that helps people with depression, anxiety and ADHD feel like their true selves (and have fun in the process!)

Our Mission

At Shmoody, our mission is simple: to make it easy and enjoyable to take care of yourself. We've built features like: Mood Tracking, Joy Lists, Ready Drafted Work Texts, Action Plans and Anonymous Spaces to Vent to help over 500,000 users feel better daily.


The Shmoody Story

In 2020 Nate & Mike met at a 12 step recovery meeting in NYC. In their search for a tool to feel better daily, they found that the majority of wellness apps out there felt kinda like a doctors office - clinical and serious. Being two people that know what it's like to live with depression and anxiety (not to mention the regular ups and downs of life)- they made it their mission to make an app for people like them. Humor, fun and feeling better were key parts to them enjoying recovery and seeing life change in the process. So they built these key qualities right into Shmoody!


Get in Touch

We love to chat, so reach out! Have questions, suggestions or perhaps we can interest you in a meme of the week? Drop us a hello at or follow us on Instagram!

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